My name’s Dave Bould. I’m a senior software engineer from the Bath area, and I specialise in PHP and PHP Frameworks. I really enjoy learning about language agnostic software engineering, so I like to practice skills such as software design and implementing design patterns, data structures and algorithms.

I currently work for Mayden, where I’ve been since 2010. Mayden are a PHP software company in Bath that builds patient management applications that focuses on mental health and the national Improving Access To Psychological Therapies program (IAPT).

My work is currently giving me the opportunity to focus on interoperability between systems, so I’ve been designing and building Rest APIs with a healthcare focus, using the FHIR specification to help notoriously isolated systems move into an era of data sharing to benefit patient care.

Over the years I’ve also picked up skills in Devops (Vagrant, Centos, Phing, Ant) and JavaScript (Vanilla, jQuery, React).